Based in Montreal, Canada and Sao Paulo, Brazil; Be Studios is an audiovisual production company specializing in outdoor productions and series. Although we have tons of experience with Indoor productions and corporate video, our passion always lies outside the box! Do you want a different POV to your videos. Poke us!

Our TV Series

Yes! we are on TV!

Series being produced in 2022 for Canal Woohoo. All about Brazilian Snowboarders around the globe.

The Routineproof Project

One of the first series ever created by Be Studios, now on Amazon Prime Video, US, UK.


The complete saga of  TRPProject in its most potential. Roaming has been watched in more than 8 countries. Now on Canal Woohoo 


One of our biggest partners. Jackalope the biggest Canada extreme sports festival now streaming to Brazil thanks to Be Studios.

Where to Watch us?

Be Studios Series are available on TV in more than 10 countries and different streaming services. Some of the episodes are even available on Youtube if you can't watch it on TV.


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